Rose Musk - Natural Botanical Perfume


Aromatherapy Blend: Heart Opening & Grounding

A beautifully romantic blend of elegant roses to open and uplift the heart, wrapped in a healing cloak of amber, sandalwood and cedar that holds you, so you feel grounded and safe.

Reviewed by EauMG

Crown Notes:
Damascus Rose
Geranium Bourbon
Fruity Balsams

Heart Notes:
Persian Rose
Honey Amber
Warm Earth

 Root Notes:
Dark Amber

We make our natural artisan fragrance from 100% pure essential oils and organic plant extracts, never anything synthetic. Experience all seven of our award winning botanical perfumes with our Sampler Set.

Eau de Parfum Ingredients: Essential Oils and Natural Resin in a base of Denatured Grain Alcohol. Vegan

Perfume Oil Ingredients: Essential Oils and Natural Resin in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. Vegan, Gluten Free

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