About Pirouette

Pirouette was founded in 2009 by Karyn Gold-Reineke (Designer, Nose), a thought leader in the Northwest's professional community of Indie and Artisan Perfumers. After years of working in herbal apothecaries and practicing massage, she combined her extensive backgrounds in aromatherapy, natural products and healing arts to create this beautiful line of products that both care for the body, and uplift the spirit. Karyn has received multiple awards for her bold and imaginative perfumes, gaining critical acclaim and recognition. It has taken years of working with essential oils to refine her scent palate and master the art of blending, and this level of craftsmanship is reflected in all of her products.

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I love working with scent because it’s such a powerful medium, it transcends time and space, it can shift energy. I enjoy creating innovative aromas that surprise and delight people and my products reflect my playfulness along with my love for nature, art and connecting to one’s spirit. I start with the finest quality natural and vegan ingredients, add my unique aromas and wrap everything up in colorful packaging that I also design.

The philosophy behind Pirouette is to start by taking care of yourself, then share your light with the world. Our culture is often so backwards about this, pushing us to go-go-go all the time, and when we burn out, tapping into our inner resources becomes more like trying to draw water from an empty well. My biggest passion is helping people connect to the meaning and importance of pro-actively taking care of themselves. Each product itself is a calling to do so, but I also include a simple, self-care ritual that takes it one step further - water for your well, so to speak. Rituals combine deep breathing and a positive intention bridged by the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, which help balance the body, mind and spirit. When you slow down and connect back to yourself with greater awareness and love, it opens up an inner dialogue of consciousness that begins to speak throughout your whole life – the voice of your spirit. I also include a “soap oracle” card inside my 4oz soap boxes. These are fun, pretty much like a fortune cookie for soap, but of course, focused around taking care of yourself.

I like to think of my company as pro-earth and pro-people. Products are handmade using only earth friendly ingredients and packaging. In the spirit of giving, 10% of profits are donated to charity. And of course, all Pirouette products are cruelty free.

-Karyn Gold-Reineke, Founder | Designer | Nose